Blue Seal Ice Cream, Okinawa Flavors That Kids & Adults Love

“Prepared with plant oils, our ice creams have a special melt-in-the-mouth texture that cannot be found elsewhere”

Blue Seal ice cream’s history begins in 1948 when Foremost Ltd. established a factory in Uruma City to supply American troops with dairy products. The ice cream was a valuable commodity offered only inside the base to US military personnel, a creamy taste that reminded them of home. In 1963 the company opened its first store in Maki Port and welcomed Okinawa people to taste the light and refreshing ice cream, flavored with mint, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. As years went by, the company transferred to local ownership and incorporated traditional Okinawa flavors. Nowadays you can get Blue Seal ice cream at convenient stores, supermarkets, malls in Okinawa, and throughout Japan.

Polar Bear, Blue Seal Okinawa. Photo Provider: OkinawaLikes

The Polar Bear is a popular ice cream sandwich with yummy flavors such as vanilla ice cream layered between two chocolate cookies.

You can taste the Okinawa flavors of the Blue Seal ice cream made with local ingredients from convenient stores or visit their locations and enjoy the view.

Blue Seal Okinawa Flavors:

Beni-imo (Sweet Potato)

Okinawa superfood, a sweet potato with a purple color and a simple, comforting flavor.

Okinawa’s purple sweet potato, Beni-imo is different than Japanese sweet potatoes (murasaki), Taro root (satoimo) and Ube (purple yam).

Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea

Milky ice cream enriched with flavors of black tea leaves picked from the soils of Nago.

Shiiquasa Sherbet

Shiiquasa (Okinawa lime) – Citric, refreshing flavor with slightly bitter aftertaste. An ice cream packed with vitamin C, that will get you on your feet after an exhausting trip.


Ube (mountain yam) has a hearty, mild taste, less sweet than ben-imo (Okinawa sweet potato), but also with a purple color.

Blue Ice Cream Flavors via

Sugar cane and pineapples grow in abundance on Okinawa island, so they are also local ingredients sourced from Japan. For a burst of flavors try Pineapple Sorbet.

With over 30 flavors to choose from the selection is wide: Maccha, Passion Fruit,  Tiramisu, San Francisco Mint, Chocolate Vanilla & Cookies, Mango Tango, Strawberry, Choco chip, Strawberry cheesecake, Mango,  Almond Pistachio, Coconut.

Okinawan Salt Cookies is a tasty ice cream with salt from Chatan and vanilla ice cream;

Okinawa Ta-imo Cheesecake has a combination of cheesecake and Ta-imo taro sourced from Kin-cho.

Check out the full list of flavors on their site:  Blue Seal Flavors

The Blue Seal ice cream can be enjoyed on Okinawa island on various locations:

Okinawa Rycom

Okinawa Rycom houses the Blue Seal store at the second floor. You can visit shops inside the mall and rest your feet while overindulging on scoops of delicious ice cream. Continue your trip and visit tourist places that are close to  OAEON Mall:

30 minutes Shurijo Castle Park,

30 min RyukyuMura.

For other tour ideas check their site: OAEON Mal

Blue Seal in Aeon Mall, Tourist map photo via

For kids, the Blue Seal Ice Park is a fun adventure. Located next to Blue Seal Makiminato, Urasoe City, this park is cute and has activities for children all ages. In 5 minutes, kids can make a custom ice cream bar using cute animal forms and decorate them with colorful bonbons.

Children under 10 years old can attend the activities with an adult, but make sure too book reservations in advance by phone call, as the capacity in the Blue Seal Ice Park is 32 people.

More details for reservations here:

Blue Seal Ice Cream Park in Okinawa, photo via
Blue Seal Ice Park, Ice cream design, photo via
Blue Seal Ice Park, Okinawa, photo via

Blue Seal Depot Island

Blue Seal Depot Island offers a beautiful view over Ferris Wheel and Chatan Mihama American Village. With over 30 flavors of ice cream and 50 varieties of crepe to boost, you have a wide variety to choose from. After tapioca drinks, take a stroll on Sunset Beach and enjoy the sunset.

Blue Seal Depot Island, photo via
Blue Seal, Depot Island, American Village photo via

For a full list of Blue Seal locations in Okinawa check here: Blue Seal Ice Cream site

Savor the yummy ice cream in other cities, like the Blue Seal store in Tokyo, Shibuya street: Blue Seal Japan branches 

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