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If you are looking for cute Halloween pins to wear, or even cool Halloween stickers to put on your phone, laptop and notebook, read this selection on the cutest, kawaii, Halloween stickers created by talented artists. You will find Anime and Manga inspired Halloween stickers and enamel pins featuring Magic, Witches, Pumpkins, Vampires, Cats, cute Ghosts, bats and other cute animals.

(Some stickers sold out, but check the artist’s sites because they have plenty beautiful items to choose from)

Cute and Cool Halloween Stickers and Enamel Pins:

Halloween Enamel Pins, Dark And Pink Cute Bats from LoveSoup

Sai aka LOVESOUP is a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Sai left Sydney, Australia to work on a holiday visa in Tokyo, Japan, from where she shares experiences and photos. Sai is working on developing her LoveSoup brand by designing unique pins, stickers, watercolor illustrations, and is planning to add in the future other types of merchandise such as pouches, tote bags and shirts. Support Sai’s Japan adventure on Patreon, and follow Lovesoup on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to check out LoveSoup’s enamel pins and stickers online on Etsy and LoveSoup’s online shop.

Pastel Heart Bats Enamel Pin, Etsy

Spooky Kawaii  Halloween Sticker Set, LoveSoup (sold out)

Mushroom Girl Witch Sticker Cute Chibi Halloween Sticker/Keychain, Cherry Rabbit

Cherry Rabbit is an artist and Illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, that we adore. With such cute watercolor illustrations and drawings of dreamy girls, witches and kawaii rabbits, you will also fall in love with her art. Check out Cherry Rabbit’s kawaii Halloween stickers with witches and add them to your Halloween sticker collection.

Halloween Mushroom Girl Sticker Pack, Cherry Rabbit

Follow cherryrabbit on Twitter / Instagram

Online store on Storenvy

Line Chat Emoji Sticker Shop

Floral Witch Enamel Pin by Heikala

Heikala is a popular Finnish illustrator that uses inks and watercolors to create amazing pieces of art that showcase witches .”I think my style is a combination of Japanese anime-style and Finnish children’s book illustrations… think Rudolf Koivu and Tove Jansson.”. See more Heikala art here:

Witch and Rabbit Enamel Pin for A Halloween With Magic Characters, Heikala

Witch Mercy, Witch In Training Sticker Sheet, Vickisigh (sold out)

You can get stickers from Vickisigh’s online shop on Bigcartel

Vickisigh (Victoria Tsai) is an artist from California USA that draws modern witches, princesses and mermaids, capturing the happiness of everyday life. You can brighten your day by displaying Vickishgs’ cute illustrations in your home work space, and add enchanting stickers to your Halloween day planner.

Find more about Vickisigh on Tumblr / Twitter / Instagram

Support Vickisigh via Patreon

Seasonal Witch Sticker Sheets, NoamiLordArt, Etsy

Specialized in all things cute, Naomi Lord is a Freelance Illustrator from South East, England. Check out her anime inspired, kawaii art on InstagramFacebookEtsy and apply these cute chibi characters on your Hallowen witches journal. You can support her art on ko-fi.


Plant Witch Sticker Pack, IrudisuArt, Etsy

Russian artist Irudisu (Alexandra Mayorova) draws witches and illustrations in pastel colors. Visit her Etsy store IrudisuArt for postcards, prints, stickers with cute witches.

Follow Irudisu on Instagram / Youtube

Witch Stickers, feefal, Etsy (Sold Out)

Feefal, a Sweedesh illustrator, makes watercolor and ink illustrations that have darker themes like skulls and outer space. If you are a beginner artist looking to draw the human bone structure, you will find plenty inspiration from Feefal’s drawings on Instagram. These cute witches with a supernatural look are the perfect stickers for a Halloween art journal.

Follow Feefal on Instagram

Good Witch Sticker Sheet, PartTimePrincessShop, Etsy (Sold Out)

Caroline Kerrigan, Part Time Princes, is inspired by fairy tales and fantasy stories, that she turns into “illustrated pastel magic”

 Where My Witches At Sticker, PartTimePrincessShop, Etsy

Follow PartTimePrincessShop on Instagram / Facebook

Clearence Wierd Witch Planner Stickers Pack, CocoGlez, Etsy

(Sold Out)

CocoGlez is a friendly illustrator that loves to spend time with cats, plants and her deer Ciervi, that she is inspired to draw. Get CocoGlez stickers on your planner and get in the mood for Halloween. Even though the Wierd Witch stickers sold out, there are other cool Halloween items on her Etsy shop to choose from.

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Halloween Witch Enamel Pin Hat, TheGrumpyUnicornCo, Etsy

You’ll be happy to know, that The Grumpy Unicorn is a shop run by a mother (Anna-Marie) and her son (Fynn). They design together the merchandise and Fynn illustrates them. They offer a wide array of cute pins to choose from. You can also wear this enamel pin discretely on your blouse, preparing for Halloween.

Find out more on  The Grumpy Unicorn website

Follow The Grumpy Unicorn on Instagram

 Halloween Stickers Pack Witch,  MariaAbagnaleArt, Etsy

Maria Abagnale is an Italian artist, that after a health issue started expressing her emotions through art. Feeling underwater, she illustrates a colorful world of pop surrealism, full of mermaids. Maria’s Halloween stickers look outstanding.

Find out more about Maria Abagnale Art on Instagram and on her website

Hocus Pocus Halloween Sticker, daphneinthetrees, Etsy

Illustrator Daphne Blohland from Rotterdam, Netherlands makes videos on Youtube where she shows her drawing process. Add some creative magic in your life with this “Hocus Pocus” witch sticker.

Follow Daphne Blohland on Tumblr / Instagram

Support Daphne’s art on Patreon

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