Kawaii Onigiri and Bento

Enjoy food art that shows attention to detail browsing these cute Onigiri (Japanese rice balls) and Bento (lunch boxes) that are Kawaii (cute in Japanese).

Kaori Kubota, @kaopan27

Kaori Kubota, food artist from Hokkaido, Japan, shares kawaii onigiri and bento (lunch boxes) on Instagram as @kaopan27 

Pompomprin Onigiri @Kaopan27 via Instagram
Kawaii Monsters Inc Disney @Kaopan27 via Instagram
Kawaii Bears by @Kaopan27 via Instagram

Kaori Kubota (@kaopan27) social media accounts:


Locari (Japanese only)

Moshi Moshi Nippon (Japanese only)

Ilisaliu (@ilisa_liu), Instagram

Creative mom and food artist from Taiwan that cooks delicious food for her children. Ilisaliu published a book in Tawainese called Ilisaliu’s Sweet Breakfast. With kawaii characters, breakfast is always fun!

Kawaii Rabbits @Ilisa_liu via Instagram

愛上早餐 Ilisaliu on social media:



Shirley Wong, Little Miss Bento, Instagram

Shirley Wong, famous food artist in Singapore published cookbooks that feature cute food: Kawaii BentoKawaii Sweet Treats, Kawaii Bread, Kawaii Deco Sushi.  She conducts workshops and events to teach students to make kid-friendly kawaii food.

Cute cats by @littlemissbento via Instagram
Bento with cute animal onigiri by @littlemissbento via Instagram
Cute sakura themed Bento (lunch box) via Little Miss Bento, Instagram

Follow Shirley Wong (Little Miss Bento):

Online Site



Check out Shirley Wong’s books on Amazon

Peaceloving Pax, Cute Foodies, Instagram

Peaceloving Pax from Thailand, Bangkok, is a doctor that makes cute food for fun. Her kawaii creations are outstanding!

Onigiri Panda Bears by @peaceloving_pax on Instagram
Kawaii Unicorn by @peaceloving_pax via Instagram
Kawaii girl fish Bento by Peaceloving Pax via Instagram

Peaceloving Pax, Cute Foodies on Facebook


Li Ming Lee, Bento Monsters, Instagram

Li Ming Lee, stay-at-home mom from Singapore, prepares character bentos that are cute and have been featured on New York Post and The Huffington Post. Li Ming Lee blogs about her bento adventures on her site BentoMonsters.com and published two books that are available on Amazon:

Yummy Kawaii Bento: Preparing Adorable Meals for Adorable Kids

Bento Blast!: More Than 150 Cute and Clever Bento Box Meals for Your Kids

Sleeping Bear, Rilakkuma Omurice (Japanese omlette) by Bento Monsters, Tutorial in link

Find the tutorial for this cute Rilakkuma bear omlette on her site here: Bento Monsters 




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