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In Disney’s fantasy movie “Beauty And The Beast”, Chip and his mom are transformed by magic into a teacup and a tea pot, everyday objects that are talking, singing and jumping all around, with a vivid personality. Myostery’s mugs, cups and planters have a dreamy, magical personality, with their cute faces and tiny feet and hands. Their ceramics are so expressive that look like they can talk and move on their own. Each one of Myostery’s ceramic handmade creations is unique and has a story.

Myostery (묘스테리) is a couple of ceramic artist from South Korea. At the University, they majored in Ceramics and Fine Arts. Proudly, the call their creations “Bebes”, because each of them is like their baby, made with love and extra care.

Myostery have many fans and their ceramic Bebes sell in under 5 minutes. They update their Etsy online shop 1 or 2 times a month. Before the update they post the date and time on their bio profile and feature a live stream that includes a countdown timer on their Instagram story. The Bebes are in limited batches and sell in a heartbeat, so we selected for this article a few pictures of Myostery’s Bebes to share their cuteness and fairy-tale stories.

It’s easy to see why the Bebes get adopted quickly into a new home. These mugs, cups and planter pots have beautiful vibes. They are also well made, sturdy, and can last forever. Added in a home, they brighten up the room with colors and happiness.

Barnacle Bebe

Cute, encouraging Barnacle Baby mug, photo by Myostery, via Etsy

A Déjà Vu of Crystal Bebe

A Déjà Vu of Crystal Baby with dawn purple colors by Myosery, via Etsy

Song of the Forest

Song of the Forest is a happy baby, spreading her joy to everyone, by Myostery via Etsy

Undine In The Blue Sea

Undine In The Blue Sea, by Myostery via Instagram

“Song of The Forest & Undine In The Blue Sea can’t see each other, but Undine really likes hearing the song of forest. And forest baby knows that Undine is hearing her song. When she hears the song of the forest, she sings together. It was very moving and flowing using melody and harmony. They miss each other always. I don’t know how they are keeping their good friendship.

Dance Of The Sea Tea Set

Dance of the Sea delicate tea set, by Myostery via Instagram

DANCE OF THE SEA, story by Myostery:
Here is a cute Bebe who has blue waves hair. In the moonlight reflected off the still sea, she starts to whistle and the waves dance calmly on the rhythm of her breath.”

The Angel Of Succulents

The Angel Of Succulents a tea set with a warm green heart, by Myostery via Etsy

Book Club Of The Book Lover Bebes

These Book Lover Bebes like to read from Albert Camus, Frantz Kafka, and Hermann Hessee, by Myostery via Instagram

Assistant Bebe

Assistant Bebe original ceramic, by Myostery via Etsy

Love Green Bebe Planter

Love Green Bebe Planter gently holds plants and supports them, by Myostery via Etsy

Wishing Bebe, Stuffed Bebe, Curious Bebe Planters

Wishing Bebe, Stuffed Bebe, Curious Bebe hold succulents and cacti while talking about latest news on plants, by Myostery via Instagram

Golden Leaf Fairy

Designing Golden Leaf Fairy, by Myostery via Instagram

Myosery’s story GOLDEN LEAF FAIRY🌱
In the deep peaceful forest, nobody goes there. When the wind blows gently at dawn, they start to dance round and round, and falling down from the tree holding leaves their hands. They are looking for someone to receive their gift.

Blue Peony Memory Bebe

Blue Peony Memory Bebe to be decorated with traditional Korean cobalt blue, by Myostery via Instagram

On the Instagram and their Youtube channel, you can see Myostery’s art process, how they come up with ideas for Bebes, draw their design on paper and make the ceramics. For the ceramics they use silk super white clay from Korea.

Check out in the video below the process of making the Child of Saturn Mug. The process starts with one of the Myostery artists shaping by hand the mugs’ basic round form on the ceramic wheel. You can notice the soft, agile, touch and expertise. Then comes the carving of the Saturn Bebe face into the clay and adding the handle of the mug and the details. You can see how delicately the ceramic artist paints the cute details of their expressions. The mug is dried for 3 days and added in an electric kiln to be fired up. Next, a coat of glaze is added on top, and the mug and is fired again. This gives a Bebe a porcelain shine, that is so beautiful to see. Lastly, Myostery adds the golden details before the mug is placed in the kiln to do its magic, and …. voilà, the Saturn Bebe mug is born!

Child Of The Saturn – making off video

Misty Night Of Creepy Ghost incense burner

Misty Night Of Creepy Ghost, the coolest Halloween incense burner blowing out back flow incense smoke, by Myostery via Instagram

Universe Flying Squirrel Necklace

Universe Flying Squirrel playing in the Milky Way, by Myostery via Instagram

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