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Jiaqi (Jackie) He is a watercolor artist based in Chicago, US, who paints imaginative illustrations that blend Asian cuisine and animal characters. Her motto is “Friends and food just belong together”.

Jackie He uses vibrant colors to portray the richness and texture of the food. To elevate the painting further, and amplify the senses of the hungry viewer, she adds playful animals that test the consistency of the savory food. The cute animals bring movement to the illustration when they dip their paws in chocolate, wrap themselves in a pancake or cuddle between the fluffy layers of a cake.  

Jackie He draws yummy desserts and varied recipes from Asian cultures like China, Japan, Korean and Vietnam. Her joyful and humorous watercolor illustrations are inspired from pop culture and the food shops and restaurants that she visits. Jackie is a huge fan of the Animal Crossing game for Nintendo Switch, and enthusiasts of the game will recognize the friendly animal villagers, Isabelle, Bunnie, Zell, Rosie and others in her illustrations on Instagram.

Jackie He used to draw in Photoshop with digital watercolor brushes, but she switched to the traditional medium, because she likes the process and feeling of the brush soaked in water, dipped in color, and carefully layered on paper. Her favorite watercolor brands are Holbein and Daniel Smith. After her watercolor paintings dry, Jackie scans and transforms them into beautiful children’s kawaii art prints.

Summer Flower Garden

Cute dog eating watermelon to cool down in the summer heat, photo by PenelopeLovePrints via Etsy

Summer Harvest

Lovely bunnies watering their vegetable garden, PenelopeLovePrints via Etsy

Kitties Stargazing at Humpback Whale Galaxy

Kitties gazing at the constellations and humpback galaxy in the summer nightsky, PenelopeLovePrints via Etsy


The Bearstronaut, framed watercolor art print, PenelopeLovePrints via Etsy

Bunny Donuts

Bunnies playing with yummy glazed donuts, PenelopeLovePrints via Etsy

Animal Art Prints, set of 12

Children’s illustrations with animals print set, PenelopeLovePrints via Etsy

On Patreon Jackie He offers a monthly subscription to her Pin Club where she sends to US or internationally 1 limited edition enamel pin and 1 original art print.

Bear Pastry Chef, pin and print from March on Jackie He’s Patreon, PenelopeLovePrints via Instagram

Catstronaut, the January pin and art print rewards for Jackie He’s patreons, via

Jackie and her husband sell PenelopeLovePrints art together at anime and comic conventions. When she is not busy with comic cons, she is available for commissions. You can find Jackie He’s art works on Etsy and PenelopeLovePrints online shop for a selection of art prints, postcards, calendars , stickers and enamel pins

Taiyaki With Strawberry Cream

Taiyaki watercolor commission art, PenelopeLovePrints via Instagram

Going To The Seaside

Cat happy on the beach, PenelopeLovePrints via Instagram

Jackie He’s cats Penelope and Murphy enjoying the holiday, PenelopeLovePrints via Instagram

Cats Penelope and Murphy chilling in vacation watching Koinobori windsocks flying in the wind, PenelopeLovePrints via Instagram

Summer Matsuri (Festival)

Watching Hanabi (Fireworks) with friends, PenelopeLovePrints via Instagram

Illustrated Recipe Cards

A kawaii selection of animal and Asian food watercolor illustration.

Dog with fruit pancake, PenelopeLovePrints via Etsy

Are you interested in seeing more of Jackie He’s illustrations? Then view her speed watercolor paintings on Youtube and follow her on Instagram and other social media accounts.


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