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Amber Leask-Sebree is a fiber artist from Texas, US, that weaves beautiful wall tapestries in her home studio with 4 cats. It figures the name of her brand is “Whisker’s Woven” and her shop’s logo is a cat with a yarn ball, as her cats are well behaved and take their assistant role seriously.

Amber Leask-Sebree textured art is easy to spot among other weavings on Instagram. Her wall hangings have bright colors, woven with color palettes that evoke rays of sunshine and rainbows. Our favorite weavings from Whisekr’s Woven are the galaxy themed charms, with the moon, stars and planet Saturn.

Amber Leask-Sebree sells her wall tapestries on Etsy and Whisker Woven online shop. You can follow her on Instagram to see the latest color combinations and textures. Amber loves to weave pastel and candy colors and incorporate weather themes with clouds and rainbows, that go well in nursery rooms for baby boys and girls. Neutral tones are also best sellers in her shop, and she takes requests for custom colors.

Saturn wall charmes by @whiskerwoven via Instagram

Rope rainbow with fluffy wool cloud by @whiskerwoven via Instagram

Pastel color palette weaving on loom from @smileandwave photo by @whiskerwoven via Instagram

The materials that Amber Leask-Sebree uses are soft and made from hand-dyed wool, wool blends chunky yarns and merino wool. She gets her yarns and fabrics from Etsy and @lionbrandyarn. Amber hangs her wall tapestries on unique driftwood sticks and sews details with crystals and tiny stars.

Fun, bright colors wall hangings by whiskerwoven via Instagram

Planet Saturn with candy colors wall hangings by @whiskerwoven via Instagram

These wall hangings go well in a girl’s room that loves pastels and gazing at the stars, and make a stunning decor for a nursery galaxy themed room.

Mint, pink and purple tassels on pastel moon, stars and planet Saturn by @whiskerwoven via Instagram

Close-up on the moon charm with star embellishments by @whiskerwoven via Instagram

Star wall hanging with a beautiful pastel palette by @whiskerwoven via Instagram

Planet Saturn round weaving and cute scissors by @whiskerwoven via Instagram

Amber Leask-Sebree is happy about her online creative business, and weaves passion in every piece. She always wanted a small handmade business, and with a degree in Fine Art and Fashion she was used to textile art, but wasn’t interested in apparel. When she moved to a new house, she was confident that she could decorate it by herself and browsed Pinterest for ideas about macramés and wall tapestries. After weaving a few pieces, she wanted to improve, and enrolled in a weaving workshop by Rachel Denbow of Smile and Weave. As a large loom is expensive, she handmade a loom for her business from a 3ft by 2ft wood frame, with nails as pegs.

Amber has many encouraging fans and she was featured on @etsysuccess as on of Etsy’s successful businesses.

Whiseker Woven studio by @whiskerwoven via Instagram

Amber Leask-Sebree has 3 cats cats 1 tomcat, Conan, Eloise, Pixie and Oliver. To see more of her weavings and her cats, follow Whisker Woven on social media:

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Amber Leask-Sebree idea to include rainbow in her weaving came after seeing them online. This was an inspired decision, as her rainbows are eye catching and a beautiful addition.

Do you want to make your own rainbow wall handing decor to brighten your room ? Follow the steps in the video and do it yourself.

How To Make A DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging – Video by At Home with Ashley

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