Cute Gifts For Dreamers

 10 Cute Gifts that will inspire you:

(Because of their cuteness, most of these gifts have sold out, but we linked to their original sellers. Tap on the picture to browse their selection with similar items.)


Once” artbook by Heikala, on Kickstarter

If you enjoy drawings, color books and magic, you have to get this beautifully illustrated book by Finnish artist Heikala.

The Art of Heikala:

Works and thoughts, on Amazon

Heikala’s beautiful works and thoughts of her inking and water coloring process have been laid down in her art book that is available on Amazon.

Spread Your Wings Bird Locket Necklace, BonbiForest on Etsy

I necklace that reminds you to nurture your dreams and have the courage to be creative.


Lip and Cheek Tint, Passport to Paradise Collection, by Glory Boom

Moisturize your lips with these shinny, yummy lip balms that are made with natural, organic ingredients.


Dream Big Print by Ana Victoria Calderon, on Etsy

“Dream Big” digital art print, by artists and Skillshare teacher Ana Victoria Calderon, will be a constant reminder on your wall that you can achieve your dreams!


Mushroom Girl Tea Sticker, CherryRabbit 

Apply Cherry Rabbit’s Kawaii sticker on your art journal, and write down your creative goals for the future. Soon enough, poetry will sparkle through your fingers.


Falling Star, Kawaii Cat Keychain, WeAreExtinct on Etsy

This adorable cute kitty on a falling star is a wish come true!

Stay Wild Moon Child Teacup, by Quirky Cup Co., on Etsy

Sip delicious tea in a bohemian teacup with golden moon phases.

12 Scents Butter Bath Bombs, by LifeAround2Angels, Amazon

These bath bombs are not only colorful and awesomely scented, they are also handmade with good ingredients.

Kawaii Pastel Chibi Washi Tape, Namiya Kou on Tictail

This Washi tape with cute expression like sad, joyful, smug, will put a smile on your face.

Rose Gold Juniper Bunny Necklace, by SimplyGildedCo on Etsy

A sweet bunny necklace, that will make the perfect gift for a girly friend that loves cute accessories.

Celestial Jewelry, 13thPsyche, Etsy

You will feel enchanting, wearing a delicate moon and stars necklace.

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