Cute Miniature Houses

Cutest miniatures to inspire you:

Mar Cerdà, Marillustrations

Mar Cerdà, an illustrator based in Barcelona, creates charming dioramas made of paper that are painted with watercolors. Her sources of inspiration come from magazines, gallery exhibitions and movies like: Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited, Romeo+Juliet by Baz Luhrmann, La La Land by Damien Chazelle.

Visit Mar Cerdà’ s online site and browse her collection of miniature paper houses: Marillustrations

GreenHouse by Mar Cerda, via
Garden Party by Mar Cerda, via

1Man1Garage, Etsy

1Man1Garage started with Marcus Williams, Nashville, and grew to a tiny team, encompassing rescue dog Ellie, a source of playfulness and inspiration, and Sj Stone who takes care of gift wrapping, packaging and comes up with whimsical designs.

Marcus Williams worked at an engraving company that utilized new laser-technology to customize gifts. The happiness on the customer’s faces made him come with new ideas and start his own shop in a garage called 1Man1Garage. He keeps a sketchbook nearby to write down his ideas, before designing blue prints on a computer and transforming them to 3D wood miniatures.

The 1Man1Garage wood kits are made for outdoor gardens and need to be coated with protective paint or spray. These creative wood kits are interesting gifts. You can find a guideline how to assembly the kits on their site: 1Man1Garage Support

The Japanese cat in Zen Garden is adorable!

Zen Garden by 1Man1Garage
Vintage Camper Bird House, by 1Man1Garage

Sarah Holt, Tiny Tree Houses, Etsy

Sara Holt, miniaturist based in London makes tiny fairy houses and mouse houses. She made her first fairy tree house as a project for her daughter, that was a success. Sara Holt makes each tree house by hand and each house is unique.

The miniature tree houses are crafted in every detail and have cute names inspired from children’s books and other sources: Brambly Hedge, Buttercup Lodge, Twinkledown Cottage, Field Mouse House. You can reach Sara Holt on Etsy, or contact her on Tiny Tree Houses site and ask for a personalized commission.

The tree houses are not for outdoors and need to be kept inside, and are suitable for children 14+

Tiny house with mouse by Sara Holt
Field Mouse House, Sara Holt

Jinangsu ROBOTIME, Amazon

ROBOTIME, founded in 2007, is a Chinese manufacturing company that specializes in Wooden Puzzles and educational toys for Kids and Adults. Their products are made with 3-D Assembly Puzzle technology and have over 400 DIY Wooden puzzle kit models. Robotime started with T-REX and developed new DIY kits: robotic dinosaurs, dollhouses, music boxes, cars, airplanes.

Jason’s Kitchen, Miniature Dollhouse DIY Kit, by Robotime
Pot Bunny, Succulents in 3D Wooden Puzzle by Robotime, Rolife

Robotime’s has 4 stores on Amazon, the main Robotime store that branches: Rolife, ROKR, ROBUD, with different categories.

ROLIFE – creative items that easy to assemble for leisure time, DYI miniature dollhouses, music boxes, flower pots, modern 3d wood puzzles

ROKR – wood DYI kits for intellectual enthusiasts with a scientific theme: mechanical gears, steampunk musical box, robotic dinosaur, space hunting, clock kit

ROBUD – colorful wood puzzles for children: 3D painting puzzle dinosaur clay, jigsaw puzzle, magnetic maze, peg puzzle.


ROBOTIME Online Store

For more inspiration and miniature houses, check out Helena V (enmojtamojta) and Cocostyle

Check out a collection of elegant miniature houses on Instagram @mini_home_beautiful. The the artists that made the dollhouses are credited in the description of the photos: Mini Home Beautiful

For cute DYI videos, see Hanabira Kobo’s youtube channel:

DIY☺︎Miniature Moomin’s Dollhouse, Tutorial by Hanabira工房

Find Hanabira on her social media:



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