Dudnikova Eugene’s fantastical paintings on trees

Walking through the park, on a quiet alleyway, your eyes meet a beautiful painting. Its colors are not drawn on a traditional canvas, instead they are are brought together on a bark of a tree.

The Russian artist, Dudnikova Eugene created the series of paintings as part of her augmented reality project, where her source code is a palette of paint and her software of choice is a tree.

You can find Dudnikova Eugene’s street art on the edge of the cities, parks and forests, and is showcased on Behance.

“Billiards. Augmented Reality”, City Friazino, 2017, via Behance

“Spring”, City Friazino, Russia, 2016, via Behance

”The flood in the cherry garden”, City Ramenskoe, Russia, 2016, via Behance

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